Elected Board Members

President (Yumi Lee & Dana Ede) [email protected]

Preside over board meetings, represent Fred at DUSD, oversee all board committees and roles, and maintain open communication with principal/vice principal(s) regarding school needs.

Vice President (Camille Arroyo) [email protected]

When president is unable, will perform all duties of president, oversee committees and support other board positions, as needed.


Attend and keep minutes at board meetings, update and manage calendar, create agenda for meetings.

Treasurer (Holly Kons) [email protected]

Responsible for PFC funds and investments, ensure proper money handling procedures are followed, prepare and monitor PFC budget, keep and reconcile bank accounts, disburse funds as directed by the board, and prepare statements, returns or forms as required by federal, state or local tax authorities.

Social Media Coordinator (Leslee Brazil) [email protected]

Moderate and update Fred PFC Facebook page, communicate general parent concerns or trending topics, and highlight Fred related topics.

Fundraising Coordinator (Michelle Arrington) [email protected]

Develop fundraising strategies, oversee fundraising committees to ensure success, and monitor feedback of fundraising events.

Webmaster (Erica Nejad) [email protected]

Maintain and update this website.

Event Coordinator (Teagin Bland) [email protected]

Plan and organize PFC events.

Yearbook [email protected]

Email this with any photos for the yearbook.

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